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Licensed Inca Trail Tour Operators 2019


All companies operating the Inca Trail must be registered and have a special Inca Trail operators license. This license is issued annually. There are 226 licensed operators (2019). Many of these companies, however, may only operate a trek a couple of times a month during the high season and these treks are mainly private groups for overseas tour companies. Great care has to be taken when choosing a tour operator since many companies have great looking websites but operate out of a bedroom on the outskirts of Cusco!! There are really only a handful of reliable tour operators that offer the Inca Trail trek with fixed-date departures throughout the year. When making a trek booking you will be asked to pay a deposit of about 50%. This is needed by the company to buy your trek permit and reserve your train tickets. Always ensure that this deposit is paid to a company account and not to an account in the name of one of the employees. All companies listed in Part 1 below are well established and recommended in at least one major guidebook so you shouldn't have any problems. Many accept payment of the deposit by credit card or PayPal to their company account. Many of the companies listed in the full listings below are a bit of an unknown quantity to us. At least 30 companies are completely new and another 25 companies previously listed in 2018 did not receive their license in 2019 (obviously not listed below). For added security try to avoid wiring money to individuals working for these companies and ask for their company account details. Beware of "too good to be true" trek prices.

The information given in this website is given in good faith and the authors cannot be responsible for the services provided by the individual companies.


The following trekking companies have received consistently good reviews:


Medium Priced US$650 - US$760


Peru Treks

Small family run trekking business specializing only in the 4-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Fixed departures every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the year. Good treatment of their porters. Consistently highly recommended so book well in advance. Inca Trail 4 day / 3 night price US$650 (2019)


Llama Path

Offer a wide selection of treks including the 2-day Inca Trail, 4-day Inca Trail and day trips by train to Machu Picchu. They also offer short all-inclusive package tours. Inca Trail 4 day / 3 night price US$699 (2019).



The largest adventure tour operator in Cusco offering all the usual treks plus white-water rafting, biking and trips to the jungle. Inca Trail 4 day / 3 night price US$700 (2019)


Wayki Trek

Well established trekking company offering a wide variety of treks plus day trips to Machu Picchu and trips to the jungle. Inca Trail 4 day / 3 night price US$780 (2019)



Professional trekking company offering a wide variety of tours and treks. Inca Trail maximum group size 12 persons. Inca Trail 4 day / 3 night price US$785 (2019)


Expensive US$760+


The companies listed below mainly operate tours and treks for overseas tour operators, hence the prices listed on their websites have been well over-inflated. If booking direct try to negotiate a discount.


Andean Treks

Inca Trail 5 days / 4 nights price US$? (2019). email Andean Treks for current prices



Inca Trail 5 days / 4 nights price US$? (2019) email Explorandes for current prices.




Licensed Inca Trail Tour Operators 2019



This group of licensed Inca Trail tour operators are well established and services provided by them are likely to be professional and reliable. You will find them recommended in many of the popular guidebooks.


Peru Treks


Andina Travel

Enigma Adventure Tour Operator

United Mice

Llama Path

Wayki Trek

Amazonas Explorer

Apus Peru

Andean Adventures

Apumayo Expediciones

Chaska Tours

Condor Travel


Grandes Aventuras del Peru (GAP)

InkaNatura Travel

Manu Expeditions



Licensed Inca Trail Tour Operators 2019

(complete list)




Full List of Licensed Inca Trail Operators 2019

001. AB Expeditions E.I.R.L.
002. Action Peru Treks E.I.R.L
003. ADV Gregory Cusco Peru.S.A.C
004. Adventours-SAS E.I.R.L
005. Adventure Peru Tour Operator S.A.C.
006. Agencia De Viajes Ecotime Peru E.I.R.L
007. Agencia De Viajes Y Turismo Apu Salkantay E.I.R.L.
008. Agencia De Viajes Y Turismo Ethnias Peru E.I.R.L.
009. Agencia De Viajes Y Turismo Peru Top Adventure S.R.L
010. Agencia De Viajes Y Turismo Raíces Tours E.I.R.L.
011. Agencia Prueba S.A.C
012. Agencia Turismo K.B. Adventures S.A.C
013. Allyn Pacha Travel E.I.R.L
014. Alpaca Expeditions E.I.R.L.
015. Alpaca Tours Peru E.I.R.L.
016. Altura Travel S.A.C
017. Amazin Adventures E.I.R.L.
018. Amazon Andes Peru S.C.R.L.
019. Amazonas Explorer S.A.C
020. America Trek SAC
021. Andean Adventures S.R.L.
022. Andean Amazon EIRL
023. Andean Expeditions & Adventures S.A.C
024. Andean Killa Tours SAC
025. Andean Treks & Adventures SAC
026. Andean Hiking
027. Andes Amazon Trails Peru E.I.R.L.
028. Andina Travel Treks & Eco Adventure E.I.R.L.
029. Apu Andino Travel E.I.R.L
030. Apu Travel Service E.I.R.L.
031. Apumayo Expediciones S.A.C.
032. Apus Peru Adventure Travel SpecialistsS.A.C.
033. Auqui Mountain Spirit E.I.R.L.
034. Auqui Peru Mountain Spirit E.I.R.L.
035. Ausangate Travels SRL
036. Aventuras Ecotrek Peru EIRL
037. Aventuras X-Treme Tourbulencia En Cusco E.I.R.L
038. Andean Spiritual Path EIRL
039. Best Andes Travel SRL
040. Caminos De Llama S.A.C.
041. Camping Tours E.I.R.L.
042. Ceci's Travel E.I.R.L.
043. Chaska Tours Agencia De Viajes Y Turismo E.I.R.L.
044. Chaski Tours S.A.C.
045. Conde Travel E.I.R.L.
046. Condor Travel S.A.C.
047. Corporation BECRI SAC
048. Crossover Peru SAC
049. Cultural Immersion Travel Peru E.I.R.L.
050. Culturas Peru Viajes Y Servicios S.R.L.
051. Cusco Native Travel Agency E.I.R.L
052. Cusco Peruvian Adventures SAC
053. Cusco Sunrise Peru Trek Tour Operator E.I.R.L.
054. Cusi Travel International S.C.R.L
056. Daily Tours EIRL
057. Danzak Peru EIRL
058. Destinos Turisticos Group Peru S.A.C.
059. Discover South America E.I.R.L
060. Eco Path Trek E.I.R.L
061. Eco Wayky's Tour Aventura E.I.R.L.
062. Ecoandes Adventures S.R.L.
063. Ecoinka S.R.L
064. Ecs Travel S.A.C.
065. Enigma Adventure Tour Operator S.A.C.
066. Epitour's Trek E.I.R.L.
067. EricXpeditions SAC
068. Evolution Treks Peru E.I.R.L
069. Experience Colibri Peru EIRL
070. Explora Peru Co SAC
071. Explorandes S.A.C.
072. Explore Adventures S.R.L
073. Exploring Peru Travel Service E.I.R.L.
074. Fiesta Tours International S.A.
075. Go2Inkas S.A.C
076. Golden Empire Tours E.I.R.L.
077. Grand America Tour SAC
078. Grandes Aventuras Del Peru S.A.C.
079. Green River Expedition SAC
080. Group Empire Tours EIRL
081. Grupo Caminos del Peru E.I.R.L
082. Grupo Peru Raymi Travel S.A.C.
083. Grupo Tourbulencia En Peru S.C.R.L.
084. Hatun Qhapaq Nan Expeditions EIRL
085. Illa Yaku S.A.C.
086. Illapa Culturas Andinas Inversiones S.R.L.
087. Inca Peru Travel Tour Operator E.I.R.L.
088. Inca Trail Bamba Experience E.I.R.L
089. Inca Trail Machu EIRL
090. Inca Trail Peru Treks S.A.C (Peru Treks)
091. Inca Wonders Travel EIRL
092. Incas Journey Adventure E.I.R.L.
093. Inca's Discovery & Eco Lodges S.A.C
094. Incredible Peru Tours SAC
095. Infocusco S.A.C
096. Inka Sites Adventures S.C.R.L.
097. Inka Trail Expeditions Peru E.I.R.L.
098. Inka Trail Machupicchu E.I.R.L.
099. Inkaland Group S.A.C.
100. Inkanatura Travel S.A.C.
101. Inkayni Peru Tours S.C.R.L
102. Instinct S.C.R.L..
103. Intense Peru S.A.C.
104. Inti Kuntur EIRL
105. Into Paths
106. Inti Sun Trek E.I..R.L.
107. Inversiones Inca Trail Reservations E.I.R.L.
108. Inversiones Arsa Tours S.R.L
109. Inversiones Cusco Explorer's E.I.R.L.
110. Inversiones En Turismo Coavoy Peru Travel E.I.R.L.
111. Inversiones Mako's S.R.L
112. Inversiones Receptour S.A.
113. Inversiones TP E.I.R.L
114. Inversiones Turisticas Andean Explorer's Cusco E.I.R.L.
115. Inversiones Turisticas K'intu E.I.R.Ltda.
116. Inversiones Turisticas Maza E.I.R.L.
117. Inversiones Turisticas Peruinca Explorer E.I.R.L.
118. Inversiones Unitours S.A.C
119. Ittacca Experience SAC
120. Inca Trail Company SAC
121. Journey Experience S.A.C.
122. Karavaniers Peru EIRL
123. Katachillay Travel EIRL
124. Kaypi Peru S.R.L.
125. Killa Expeditions EIRL
126. Kondor Path Tours E.I.R.L
127. Kusa Treks Peru EIRL
128. Kusisqa Travel EIRL
129. Liberty Peru SAC
130. Lima Tours S.A.C
131. Llama Path E.I.R.L
132. Llama Tours Peru S.R.L.
133. Lorenzo Expeditions EIRL
134. Machete Tours S.R.L.
135. Machu Picchu INC EIRL
136. Machupicchu & Beyond E.I.R.L.
137. Machupicchu Mega Travel E.I.R.L.
138. Machupicchu Reservations SAC
139. Machupicchu Terra S.R.L
140. Machupicchu Travel Adventure E.I.R.L
141. Manu Expeditions E.I.R.L.
142. Marquez Viajes Y Servicios Turisticos E.I.R.L. (SAS)
143. Matours EIRL
144. Mava Travel Service S.R.L.
145. Mayuc Cusco EIRL
146. Mire S.R.L
147. Naty's Travel Agency E.I.R.L.
148. NC Travel Cusco E.I.R.L.
149. New Inca Wasi Travel Corp EIRL
150. Nikkand EIRL
151. Operador de Aventura Superior EIRL
152. Pachatusantrek S.A.C.
153. Papi's Treks E.I.R.L
154. Peak DMC South America SAC
155. Peak South America S.A.C.
156. Personal Travel Experience S.A.C.
157. Peru Adventures Paradise S.C.R.L.
158. Peru Andes Top Grupo Path of the Andes E.I.R.L.
159. Peru By Locals S.A.C
160. Peru Eco Adventures And Cultural Trips E.I.R.L.
161. Peru Fantastic Travel E.I.R.L
162. Peru Grand Travel E.I.R.L
163. Peru Inka’s Collection SRL
164. Peru Nao Tours S.A.C.
165. Peru On Road E.I.R.L.
166. Peru Top Times SRL
167. Peru Sur Nativa E.I.R.L
168. Peru Tours And Adventure S.A.C.
169. Peru Tours Incorporation SAC
170. Peru Travel Conexion S.A.C
171. Peru Travel And Healing S.A.C.
172. Peru View Tours SRL
173. Peru Winayhuayna Adventure EIRL
174. Peru XP Travel SAC
175. Peruvian Highland Trek Expedition E.I.R.L.
176 Peruvian Sacred & Adventure S.R.L.
177. Peru Travel Dos Manos SRL
178. Private Machupicchu E.I.R.L
179. Pukupuku Travel SRL
180. Pumadventures SAC
181. Pumapath Adventures Peru E.I.R.L.
182. Peru Unique destination EIRL
183. Qhapaqnan Adventure S.A.C.
184. Quechua Treks Peru E.I.R.L
185. Quechuas Expeditions Peru S.A.C
186. Q'ente South American Trek Tours EIRL
187. Raices Peru Operadores Mayoristas S.A.C.
188. Rasgos Cusco Tours Operator E.I.R.L
189. River Explorers Specialists In River And Adventure E.I.R.L.
190. Royal Crown Adventures E.I.R.L.
191. Saca Expeditions Servicios Turisticos S.C.R.L
192. Salkantay Trekking E.I.R.L
193. Sam Travel Peru Expeditions E.I.R.L
194. Scenic Peru EIRL
195. Sky Viajes Y Turismo S.R.L
196. South Adventure Peru Tours E.I.R.L.
197. South American Travel Services S.R.L.
198. Southern Peru Explorers E.I.R.L
199. Southwild S.A.C
200. Sun Gate Tours S.A.C.
201. Sunshine Travel Peru E.I.R.L
202. Terra Explorer Peru E.I.R.L.
203. Tierra Biru Expeditions SAC
204. Tierras De Los Andes S.A.C.
205. Tierras Vivas E.I.R.L.
206. Tour in Peru E.I.R.L.
207. Trexperienceperu EIRL
208. Tucano Corporation SAC
209. Tucano Representaciones Peru Latin Trails S.A.C.
210. Tucanos Peru E.I.R.L.
211. Turismo Perufull EIRL
212. United Mice Tour Operator E.I.R.L.
213. Valencia Travel Agency S.A.C.
214. Valentin’s Pachamama Journeys SRL
215. Vamos Expeditions S.A.C.
216. Viajes Colon E.I.R.L.
217. Viajes Pacifico SAC
218. Viajes y Servicios Turisticos Flamenco S.A.C.
219. Viracocha Turismo Internacional SAC
220. Wake Up Peru Trekking E.I.R.L.
221. Wari Adventures SAC
222. Wayki Trek Transportes Turisticos S.A.C
223. Welcome South America Travel E.I.R.L
224. Worldwide Exotic Adventures SAC
225. Www Happy Gringo Tours EIRL
226. Yupi Adventure E.I.R.L.

























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